I saw my first Pyrenean at the age of 9 years old, a lady came to the Junior school that I attended to meet her daughter, carrying this gorgeous big white puppy which was a Pyrenean Mountain Dog. Being dog crazy I knew this was the dog I longed for, my mother said "you can have as many as you like when you get married". I married David in Feburary   1970,  and we had our first Pyrenean in the November his name Fenwold Bianco pet name Shane bred by   Mr & Mrs Bellamy. We then decided we would like to show him and with the help of Terry & Lilly Quinn of the Aneto prefix who gave us lots of help and advice we entered into the world of showing. Our first show was down the A5 at Redbourn and the Judge was Joan Passini Birkett, we had a VHC with him and we was now hooked on showing. Our second Pyrenean was a bitch called Wiltonia Princess Kashta, pet name Lia bred by Margaret & John Francis.                                                                                                                                                                  

With our love of the breed growing stronger, we decided that we needed larger premises to enable us to have more Pyreneans. We moved into an old house called Middlemore Cottage, it needed a lot of refurbishment and we lived in a caravan through the winter months while David, his father and brothers worked on the house to make it habitable.

Now that we had acquired more land we deciced to start a Boarding Kennel Buisiness. Once the Kennels were established I started to breed and needed a prefix for my dogs and this is how we got "Shanlimore", Shan  from Shane ,   Li  from Lia, More from Middlemore hence our Prefix was formed ...... more to come.......                                                                                                                                              


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