Champion Shanlimore Out of Classic
                                   " Emma "             
                         18-03-1999 ~ 31-12-2010    

  If it should be that I grow frail and weak,
  And pain should keep me from my sleep,

  Then you must do what must be done,
  For this last battle cannot be won.
 You will be sad - I understand,
 But then don't grief let stay your hand,
 For this day more than all the rest,
 Your love for me must stand the test.

 We've had so many happy years,
 What is to come holds no fears,
 Take me where my needs they'll tend,
 Only stay with me until the end.

 Now hold me close and speak to me,
 Until my eyes no longer see,
 I know in time you too will see,
 It is a kindness that you've done for me.


               Champion Shanlimore Midnight Cowboy
                                   " Bradley "
                        11th December 1996 ~ 26-January 2011       

  Now I hold you in my arms,
  Your breath still warm against my hand,
  Our hearts still beat together,
  And I wonder if you understand,

  I snipped the hair from around your back,
  To bring me strength in time of need,
  And the power in your essence,
  Would always be with me.

  I snipped the hair around your heart,
  That beat in time with mine,
  So I'd know your love would find me,
  At some distant time.
  And so your life slipped out of mine,
  On a quite winter day,
  But I know that part of you,
  Will always be here to stay.


     Champion Zalute Zalize Via Shanlimore JW ShCM
                                   " Misti "
                         15-09-2001 ~ 11-01-2013           
    Sunlight streams through wndow pane,
    Onto a spot upon the floor,
    It's where she used to lie,
    But now she is no more.

    Look not where she was,
    For she is not there,
    Her spirit is free,
    She is everywhere.

    We'll smile at her memory,
    Remember her in our heart,
    This is not the end,
    It's her brand new start.   


     Champion Shanlimore Jesse James JW ShCM     

                4th October 2005 ~ 16th October 2014

                     " Robbie our Brave Soldier "

  I can hardly see through my tears ... as I sent my soldier of years and years,

 some where he had to go, where pain and sickness he won't have to know.

  He's been with me ever since he was a pup ... today I had to give him up.

 He was very sick we both knew it, and he knew I would not put him through it.

 It was then I had to try, to find a way to say goodbye.

 In that time I told him more than I ever had before,

 Just how much I loved my boy from when he was a pup, how it hurts me so to give him up.

 Although now gone, he will always be within my heart, a part of me now we are apart.

 As my soldier slipped away, the last things he felt were kisses and hugs from me that day,

 I knelt beside him to say goodbye, I had just one more minute to tell him, I had to try,

 to thank my soldier of a lifetime of love..." Dear God, let me see him in heaven above !

 but for now Lord, please hold him watch over his rest ... if he wakes in your arms, please tell him

 how much he was loved and one of the best.



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