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Pyrenean Mountain Dogs - Great Pyrenees -Le Chien de Pyrenees -
Pyreneerhund - Pyreneese Berghond Chien deMontagnedes Pyrénées - Pyrenéerhund 
Shanlimore Lorenzo                             Shanlimore Raffaella

             Leo_at_Crufts_2019_3aaab                     DSCF1075_1c

                    Leeds Championship Show 2015                                   
East of England Championship Show 2015
                      Thankyou to our Breed Specialist Judge: Barry Denyer                          Thank you to our Judge: Pat Chadwick for awarding
                         for awarding 1st in Open Class, Bitch CC & BOB to                           Champion Gillandant Leyla Via Shanlimore JW ShCM
                      Champion Gillandant Leyla Via Shanlimore JW ShCM                                          1st in Open Class and Best Bitch.
                                     Bath Championship Show 2015                                                                                          Birmingham National Championship Show 2015.
                   Thankyou to our Judge: Terri Cousins-Brown for awarding                                                                                 Thank you to our Judge: Vic Salt, for awarding 
                     Champion Gillandant Leyla Via Shanlimore JW ShCM                          Champion Gillandant Leyla Via Shanlimore  JW, ShCM.                              Bursville Summer Fleur Via Shanlimore
                                      1st in Open and the Bitch CC.                                                                      1st in Open and the Bitch CC.                                                          1st Puppy Bitch & 1st Junior Bitch              
                                 CRUFTS 2015,                                                                                                                   PMDC of GB Championship Show 2015,
        Ch Gillandant Leyla Via Shanlimore JW ShCM                                                        Ch Gillandant Leyla Via Shanlimore JW ShCM                                      Bursville Summer Fleur Via Shanlimore
 1st in Open, Reserve CC, Thankyou to our Judge: Toni Jackson                                                 Bitch CC, Reserve Best In Show                                                                      Best Puppy in Show                                                 
                                                                                              Thankyou to our Judge: Roger Vincent                                           
                                                          Manchester 2015                                                                       Lichfield 2015
                                         Bursville Summer Fleur Via Shanlimore                          Ch Gillandant Leyla Via Shanlimore JW ShCM ~~ Bursville Summer Fleur Via Shanlimore       
                                                            Best Puppy in Breed.                                                                  Best of Breed                                ~~                   Best Puppy in Breed
                             Thankyou to our Judge: Ernie Patterson                                                                       Thankyou to our Breed Judge: Mel Ford.                     

                 Thankyou to Breed Specialist Judge: Mary Dunk for awarding                                           Thankyou to Breed Judge: Michael Coad for awarding
            *Best In Show* at the PMDC of GB Championship Show.                    Bitch CC, Best opposite Sex at CRUFTS 2014

                 Champion Gillandant Leyla Via Shanlimore JW                               Champion Gillandant Leyla Via Shanlimore JW


Champion Shanlimore Midnight Cowboy sired 22 Champions See all 22 now on Bradley's Ch: page.
Here is Champion Shanlimore Midnight Cowboy winning Best of Breed at CRUFTS
for a 5th time.


                                                                                                               Gillandant Leyla Via Shanlimore 

Champion Shanlimore Midnight Cowboy
was the Top Stud Dog of all Breeds in 2006

Top Stud Dog of Pastoral Breed & Third of All Breeds Winners 2008.
Top Stud Dog of Pastoral Breed & Second of All Breeds Winners 2009.

Best Veteran in Show at LEEDS 2007




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